Ecological cleaning by wheat starch scour

ASIC INDUSTRIES offers you biodegradable abrasion, for total or partial scouring of complex or sensitive surfaces.
This treatment is particularly adapted to and recommended for substrates such as kevlar, carbon, fiberglass, honeycomb, magnesium, titanium, aluminum, glass, etc. …

  1. Without harming treated surfaces, it eliminates paints, varnishes, glues, coatings, residues from injection moulds, etc.
  2. This mechanical scouring doesn’t distort delicate metal sheets.
  3. It doesn’t change the dimensional characteristics of treated parts.
  4. It doesn’t change initial RA of the treated parts.
  5. It preserves previously treated surfaces while cleaning surfaces newly covered over with paints and / or varnishes etc.
  6. Selective cleaning, or light scouring of successive layers, is possible.

This procedure is ECOLOGICAL.

The used abrasive is of vegetal origin. It can be applied from 100 grams to 3,5 bars. The domains of application are varied, and particularly used for aeronautics. The aspects of this technology can be applied to all industries that need to evolve from a polluting, non-ecological method of scouring, to a new, ecological method void of danger for man and his environment. We are available to answer all questions.